IIE is one the leading suppliers of thermoplastic valves and piping system components. PVC/CPVC/HDPE/PPR/PVDF etc our broad product line offers a complete selection of 1/8" through 24" injection molded fittings and fabricated fittings though 48" many specialty products and a full complement of manual and mechanically actuated thermoplastic valves in variety of types sizes, and configuration, plus we offer the very best in custom configuration services for special application including custom fitting and manifold fabrication, custom valve actuation and special elastomer or material options backed over 25 years of both products and process development experience.


IIE supplies complete pipe support systems for any type and scale of piping installation. This includes plain or insulated,
ferrous or non-ferrous, high or low temperature piping in applications such as HVAC, Oil / LNG, Water Distribution, Sewage Treatment, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Industrial Process Piping, Refineries, Power Generation, Marine installations etc.

Pipe Hangers, such as Clevis Hangers, for suspended piping,Pipe Clamps, such as Heavy Duty 3-Bolt Clamps, for rigid pipe clamping,Split Clamps, with welded top nuts,Roller based sliding supports, such as Pipe Roller Sets, to permit axial pipe movement,Teflon based sliding supports, such as Clamp Shoe Assemblies, to guide movement axially,Column supports, such as Pipe Stanchion Saddles,Structural Attachments and Brackets, such as Concrete Load Suspension Plates,Shields and Saddles, such as Pipe Covering Protection Saddles, for protecting insulation,Rubber Support Inserts, for preventing crushing of pipe insulation at point of support,Sway Strut Assemblies,Engineered Spring Supports (Variable Load Spring Hangers)
Seismic Cable Bracing, Acoustic Riser Anchors and Guides and many more"